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Speak & Write

One of the best things about the American Ambulance Association community is the strength of our practitioner network. Members connect with one another at annual conference and beyond to solve problems, share best practices, and discuss key legislative issues.

Your active participation in this exchange of ideas is what enables AAA to serve its mission. We would like to invite you to take your involvement to the next level through the contribution of member content. Please read below to learn how you can speak or write for AAA and build your resume while supporting excellence and community in ambulance services.

MicrophoneAnnual Conference & Trade Show

  • Speaking proposals for the Annual Conference & Trade Show are announced on the AAA blog when the submission window is open.

Member Webinars

The AAA offers a series of webinars throughout the year and all NON-COMMERCIAL topics are welcome. Attendance for our webinars is equivalent to breakout session room attendance at our Annual Convention. Please send proposals to Strong preference is given to webinars presented by members. No compensation is available for webinar presenters.

Writing Opportunities

  • AAA Spotlight – Give fellow members a glimpse into your day.
  • AAA Blog Post or Website Article – Tell us about a challenge you are experiencing or have overcome, share a success in your community, explain your position on a hot topic, or give some tips to the AAA community.
    • 500-2500 words
    • Non-clinical, conversational tone
    • Must be original, unique content
    • Send ideas and submissions to
  • Tool Kit or Job Aid – Have you developed a helpful resource that you’d like to share with fellow members? Send us your exemplars and save other services time and money.
    • Resources could be as simple as a checklist or as complex as an employee handbook.
    • Please ensure you have written permission from your organization, if applicable, before submitting a resource.
    • Send ideas and submissions to
  • Legislative Outreach – Visit the AAA Advocacy Center for help in crafting correspondence to legislators and regulators on key industry issues.
    • Send questions to
  • Whitepaper – Contribute to a future AAA white paper on an industry topic.
    • 5-20 pages in length
    • Collaborative effort between members, subject matter experts, and AAA staff
    • More formal than a blog post and thoroughly researched, but not academic in nature
    • Send topic ideas and statements of interest to for review.

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